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“Sportsgamerz now has set the standard in Madden tips and is definitely filling a demand in what Madden gamers really want.  Not just blitzes, not just a scheme, but to see everything put together in an actual game.  It gives you so much credibility because everyone can see you “practice what you preach.”



” I have purchased a few offensive and defensive guides and i am very amazed at the time and effort that has been put into each and every guide that i’ve gotten from Sportsgamerz, which includes full text breakdowns for each play and video tutorial. Not to mention the countless tips and money plays that are posted every week here, but i feel that the guides (Ebooks) alone have taken my game to a whole new level of play and i am extremely happy to be associated with SportsGamerz as i have been playing madden since the early 90’s and have always been a pretty good madden player but i feel my game has really taken a huge step up just being apart of this site ,with the amount of time and effort that’s put into each and every tip. If you want to improve you madden gaming experience you can’t go wrong with Sportsgamerz.com

Thanks , Happy and Proud Member of the Sportsgamerz Family “


“Hey everyone, I’m just now getting into Madden  but I can tell you that Duke’s eBooks are the best things out there. I’ve know him since 05 and he’s always produced the best products. In fact, I’ve purchased at least 10 eBooks I’d have to say, and I’ve never been disappointed. His website always provides you with tremendous information to get better fast, and if you get into his “lab” package it’s like getting 3-4 eBook plays a week. If you want to spend your money wisely, definitely spend it with Duke. “


  • hi i just paid 25 bucks for the defence guide an i havnt got no e mail or nothing. i dont want to jump the gun but i dont do this often. use credit cards but the first time i do this happens. look i just want what i paid for Duke….. thought this was lagit?

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