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Madden 23 46 PB Defensive Guide

Sportsgamerz.com is proud to release our Madden 23 46 PB Defensive Guide! This is the BEST defensive playbook in the game and we show you EVERYTHING you need to dominate!

This guide breaks down several new blitz schemes, new lockdown coverage adjustments, videos on how to stop the meta offensive formations, a HUGE new universal user tip, and the BEST run defense in the game!

 What you'll get with our Madden 23 46 PB Defensive Guide:

  • The BEST Defensive Schemes In Madden 23
  • NEW Dominant Blitz Setups
  • Dual Pressures
  • NEW Lockdown Coverage Setups
  • The BEST Run Defense In The Game 
  • How To Shut Down EVERY Meta Offense (Bunch/Tight/Trips/ETC)
  • Duke's Full Advanced Defensive Adjustments
  • Super GLITCHY User Trick
  • Zone/Man/Match Coverage Based Defenses
  • Recommended Audibles/Abilities

What Playbook/Formations Does This Guide Cover?

  • 46 Defensive PB
  • Nickel 33
  • Nickel Cub
  • Dollar
  • Dime  
  • Nickel Over