$14.99 USD

Madden 23 Dollar Defensive Guide

Sportsgamerz.com has been locked in the lab and we are excited to release the BEST POST PATCH DEFENSE IN THE GAME! Our Dollar Defense Guide is way more than just blitz setups, it has EVERYTHING you need to win more games now!

This guide will teach you unblockable blitzes, the best run defense in the game, and new coverage concepts/schemes. We have some very nice coverage tricks that will be sure to throw the offense off! Finally, Duke breaks down his secret adjustments to defend the BEST offenses in the game such as Bunch and Tight!

What you'll get with our Madden 23 Nickel Over Defensive Guide:

  • FULL Dollar Defensive Scheme
  • Unblockable Blitz Setups
  • Blitz Setups From EVERY Angle
  • Dual Edge Pressure
  • Multiple EASY Blitz Setups 
  • How To Shut Down EVERY Meta Offense (Bunch/Tight/Trips/ETC)
  • Duke's Full Advanced Defensive Adjustments
  • New Coverage Schemes/Concepts/Tricks 
  • How To Disguise Your Defense
  • The BEST Run Defense In The Game
  • Recommended Audibles/Abilities

What Playbook/Formations Does This Guide Cover?

  • Can Be Used w/ Multiple playbooks (I recommend KC)
  • Dollar