NCAA Football 14 Spread Option PB Guide


Dear Gamer,

NCAA Football 14 has a ton of new and unique offensive formations and plays. In this guide, we focus on the Spread Option PB, which has the most unique formations and plays I have ever seen in my life. We break down several new running concepts such as the Midline Option as well as the most dominant and effective running and passing plays in NCAA 14. This guide has 40 plays from six different formations broken down, including Duke’s personal scheme break down featuring an online game play. Best of all this guide is only $24.99 $14.99! This guide has more in depth content than the guides the other guys sell for $20-$30!

NCAA Football 14 Spread Option Guide:

What Does This Guide Breakdown?

  • Spread Option Scheme
  • Shotgun Split Big
  • Shotgun Split Y Offset
  • Shotgun Normal
  • Shotgun Wing Trips Offset
  • Shotgun Trio Offset
  • Goaline Heavy (aka Gator/Jet Heavy)
  • Online Game Play Breakdown

This guide features full HD video with voice over breakdowns in edition to a text version for all plays. Think of this guide has a 1 on 1 class session. Best of all, this guide will work on ANY device. Whether you have an mobile device such as an iPad or phone or a computer such as a PC or MAC, we have you covered!

Don’t just take our word for it, check out some customer reviews below:


“I have bought a few guides from other sites and they have been a waste of money, so I was hesitant to make this purchase but the low price caught my eye. After reviewing this guide, I am very impressed and it has made my offense unstoppable. I have added these formations to my custom playbook and average over 45 points per game. Nobody has any idea how to stop these formations!”


“I have played against a few players that had nasty run schemes from Shotgun and always wanted to know what they were doing. This guide breaks down the toughest run schemes I have ever seen. There is nothing better than the feeling of running the ball down the defenses throat and there’s nothing they can do about it. I am averaging nearly 300 yards rushing a game with this guide and about 180 yards passing. The passing game is very effective but I prefer to run the ball more. Great job the guide and you can’t beat the value or the price. A+”

Buy now for only $24.99 $14.99!

P.S. If you don’t get access today, then you are putting yourself at a serious competitive disadvantage.

While you are at work or school, there will be tons of players prepping in the lab and waiting to spank your butt as soon as you get online.

I can’t promise you that you will become the greatest player ever known to man. I don’t know how much time you have to devote to learning our strategies, and for all I know you might be a complete and total clutz on the sticks (there is still hope for you with our NCAA 14 strategies though).

What I can promise you is that if you apply the strategies and tactics that we break down in this site, you will improve. You will be more competitive and you will win more games than ever before.

Seriously, we are talking a large pizza and a movie ticket here vs. your opportunity to smack people in the head in NCAA Football 14.

I’ve shown you above the great lengths that my team is going to make sure that you are the best player that you can possibly be. The rest is up to you…


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