NCAA Football 14 Elite Offensive Guide


Dear Gamer,

Sportsgamerz has been dissecting NCAA Football 14 to death and we have just what you need to dominate all year long.  We are very pleased to announce that our NCAA Football 14 Elite Offensive Guide is ready for purchase!

NCAA 14 Elite Offensive Guide:

What Does This Guide Feature?

  • Quick Passing Attack Scheme
  • Traditional Running Scheme
  • Option Running Scheme
  • Spread Passing Attack Scheme
  • From The Gun Scheme
  • Learn To Read The Defense
  • HD Video with Voice Over
  • Private Interactive Community- Share tips with other NCAA gamers and ask questions directly to the Sportsgamerz Staff
  • And Much More!

Here is a HD video preview taken from the guide!


Don’t just take our word for it, check out some customer reviews below:


“I just got my hands on the game and was looking for an edge. This eBook delivered exactly what I was looking for. My offense is truly unstoppable. I am averaging over 50 points a game and I am only using two of the formations that Duke broke down. There is still a ton of information yet to digest yet I can promise you that this product will make you a much better player and win you a ton of games. Duke has done it again with another top notch product.”


“I have won my first three online games using this strategy guide. Sportsgamerz gave me a great understanding of how offense works on this game and how to attack any defense thrown at me. The videos in this guide are extremely detailed and in depth. The plays are absolute money. I give this guide an A++ and recommend it to anyone!”

Buy now for only $29.99 $19.99!

P.S. If you don’t get access today, then you are putting yourself at a serious competitive disadvantage.

While you are at work or school, there will be tons of players prepping in the lab and waiting to spank your butt as soon as you get online.

I can’t promise you that you will become the greatest player ever known to man. I don’t know how much time you have to devote to learning our strategies, and for all I know you might be a complete and total clutz on the sticks (there is still hope for you with our NCAA 14 strategies though).

What I can promise you is that if you apply the strategies and tactics that we break down in this site, you will improve. You will be more competitive and you will win more games than ever before.

Seriously, we are talking a large pizza and a movie ticket here vs. your opportunity to smack people in the head in NCAA Football 14.

I’ve shown you above the great lengths that my team is going to to make sure that you are the best player that you can possibly be. The rest is up to you…


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