In this video, Duke breaks down how to totally lock down both the pass and run from SB Tight Slots!

We are going to look at the Dollar Flipped formation in this video. We will be running the Cover 2 Blitz (DB Fire). With the setup below, you can lock up all the runs while still screaming on defense!


  1. Base align and press
  2. Slide the outside DB’s in as shown in the video
  3. QB Contain
  4. User the ILB (right of screen) as shown in the video

You can stop the dive very easy manually and get a hit stick every time in the back field with the ILB you control!

I like to use INDY PB for Dollar but it is also found in many 43 based books!

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Duke is one of the best Madden players of all time. Duke has been playing Madden competitively since Madden 04 and in this time period has dominated the tournament, league, and online scene. Most notably, Duke is a Madden 18 Classic Finalist, Madden 16 and Madden 17 Championship Finalist, Madden 17 DC and Salary Cap Finalist and has many major tournament wins (Madden 17 Gamersaloon CVC Pro League, Madden Challenge, and MWS/BCA Regional) to his name as well as numerous Final 4 appearances.


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