Duke breaks down a full scheme from a new FIRE offensive formation in this Madden 18 Tip!

Gun Wing Slot Offset Scheme

Playbook: SEA (It is also in some other playbooks such as HOU)

Key Plays:

  • PA Slide
  • Wheel Post Drag
  • PA Double Post


PA Slide:

  1. Flare the RB to the right
  2. Fade the outside TE
  3. In route the outside left WR


  1. Flare
  2. In/Cross
  3. Fade


Wheel Post Drag:

  1. Block the RB
  2. Streak the inside TE
  3. In route the left slot WR
  4. Motion the outside TE 2-3 steps to the right and hike the ball while he is still in motion


  1. Motioned Corner
  2. In/Post/Streak


PA Double Post:

  1. Curl the outside TE
  2. Motion the left slot WR to the right and hike the ball once he sets


  1. Curl/Cross
  2. Deep Post

Final Thoughts:

Make sure the outside TE has 91 route running when running this scheme, but it is preferred that every WR and TE has it if possible. This is very tough scheme to defend when you add in the run game with the Read Option/Trap look. Also be sure that the TE side of the formation is ALWAYS on the wide side of the field when running it so flip it if needed.

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