In this Madden 18 Tip, Duke breaks down the best short yardage defense and runs in the game!

Short yardage situations are a critical part of Madden that are often ignored or not really focused on. In this video, I will breakdown a defense that will stop every popular short yardage run in the game and also give you my favorite short yardage plays to use on offense.

Here is the setup to my killer short yardage defense I break down in the video:

34 Odd- Tampa 2

  1. Base align and press
  2. Pinch DL down
  3. Crash DL down
  4. Run commit down
  5. User the weak side safety

These situations often can dictate who wins or losses the game so be sure to implement these into your game!

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Duke is one of the best Madden players of all time. Duke has been playing Madden competitively since Madden 04 and in this time period has dominated the tournament, league, and online scene. Most notably, Duke is a Madden 18 Classic Finalist, Madden 16 and Madden 17 Championship Finalist, Madden 17 DC and Salary Cap Finalist and has many major tournament wins (Madden 17 Gamersaloon CVC Pro League, Madden Challenge, and MWS/BCA Regional) to his name as well as numerous Final 4 appearances.

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