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A full year of Madden tips, videos, articles, strategies, and more! The Madden Vault is 52 weeks of continuous updates! This product will save you countless hours of practice, because our experts are doing it for you! For a full year you will receive only the best and most effective breakdowns that our team has throughly tested against the toughest competition there is. These are plays that anyone can use to improve their game immediately. You don’t need to have the best stick skills in the world or hours to practice. All you need is a love for the game of Madden! Think of this product as a year-long membership to an exclusive club where we personally hand-pick and test plays that give you constant support and updated winning tips. Best of all, you don’t have to wait until the weekend for all of our updates. We are so dedicated to our users that we will be updating the Madden Vault during the week as soon as each break down is done. You will receive new content throughout the entire week!

  • A full year of newly developed and continuous content!
  • Frequent updates throughout the entire week!
  • Tips from PROFESSIONAL Madden players!
  • Personalized support from our coaches!

The Madden Vault Will Teach You to Improve

Visually showing you how the plays work – Unlike other strategy sites, not only do we use video and voiceovers for our breakdowns, we also use images and text, just like you see on television.

  • Enhanced “Nano” Blitz Schemes – One of the most important things to do in Madden is learn how to instantly get pressure on the QB. We show you tons of plays that will turn up the heat on the offense and leave the Quarterback flat on his back!
  • Defending Against Offensive “Money Plays” – One of the most common requests I see is how to stop certain “money plays.” These plays are extremely common in head to head games online. We show you how to perform these plays and how to defend them with sound defensive strategies!
  • Beating Man AND Zone Coverage – If you don’t know how to read coverages, your offense will suffer the consequences. We show to how to read specific coverages before and after the snap, as well as how to beat them with ease!
  • Countering the Blitz – Are you sick of being manhandled by those annoying nano blitzes? We show you how to use protection schemes to counter the most popular and effective blitz schemes!
  • Stopping the Run Game – The running game is a key component every year in Madden! We show you multiple run defenses from different defensive formations to put the ground game on halt!
  • Creating Bump-n-Run Beaters – We all know that bump and run can be a pain to beat and you will see tons of bump and run in your games. We show you how to torch the bump with unbumpable routes that will have the defense scared to bump you ever again!
  • Dominating the Running Game – Running the ball effectively can demoralize your opposition. We teach you the most effective tournament proven run schemes from power to finesse!

Learn The Way You Want!

Featuring: HD Videos with Voice Over, Images, and Text

We all know that people learn in different ways. Some people can read something and understand it, and yet others need to see it visually. In the Madden Vault, we’ve got you covered both ways. A picture is worth a thousand words, and at Sportsgamerz, we take this to a whole new level! Unlike other sites, not only do we break down plays with video and voiceover, we also break down plays with screenshots and text that would even make an Ivy league professor proud. See for yourself how we tackle a breakdown with pictures, text, videos, voice overs, and more. Nobody puts that kind of effort and detail into their content!

Here’s a sample of what one of the tip updates looks like:

Duke breaks down how to block blitzes from one of the best money plays in the game in this Madden 20 Tip!

Play: Gun Trey Y Flex- Dagger

Playbooks: MANY w/ Gun Trey T Flex (We used MINN in this example)


  1. Block the RB
  2. Streak/fade the TE (Fade vs Cover 3/4, Streak vs Cover 2, also you can leave the drag vs cover 2)
  3. Motion block the slot WR exactly as shown in video

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is treyflex1-1024x576.png


  1. In/Crosser/Streak

Final Thoughts:

One of the nice things about this formation is that you can use the “TE Wideout” package to get a WR in at TE. Then you can sub in a WR for the TE that was packaged in at WR to essentially get 4 WR’s on the field. This will allow you to get a ton of speed on the field and not many formations allow this. For this reason alone, I like to come out in this formation and then audible around to other 3 WR/1 TE/1 RB formations so that I can get as much speed on the field as possible in other formations where you normally could not get a WR in at TE.

This play in particular is hell because it has an unguardable crossing route that needs to be usered plus a great deep dig route. I always want my best WR who meets the route running threshold running this unguardable crossing route so that he always gets open!


A Membership Level For All!

No matter what type of Madden gamer you are and no matter what your needs are to improve your game, we have a membership level that will perfectly fit your needs! We have two main membership levels: Gold and Platinum.  The Platinum Membership is our best value and will give you the most bang for your buck. The Gold Membership is designed for more casual players who want to improve, but do not need all the extra bells and whistles that the Platinum Membership offers. Naturally, the Gold Membership is cheaper. Check out the chart and bullet points below to learn the differences between each membership as well how each membership compares to our “competitors.”

  Gold Platinum Competitors
Weekly Updates
Written Breakdowns
HD Videos and Images
Money Plays and Nanos
Sportsgamerz Live Stream
Weekly Mailbag
Weekly Coach’s Corner Episodes
Personal Madden Coach

Platinum Membership ($12.99/ month OR $114.99/year):

  • 4-6 New Tips Every Week– You will receive a minimum of four specific tips each week and a lot of weeks you will receive up to six (sometimes even more) tips. All tips include text, HD pictures, and HD video with voice over.
  • At least 1 Live Game play Analysis Each Week– You will receive at least one full game play analysis each week. This will consist of a full recorded game with voice over analysis. Members may submit their games to be analyzed.
  • Madden Articles– We will keep you up to date with all relevant Madden news. We will keep an updated list of top Madden teams, break down how patches effect game play, report new information for the next Madden release, and much more!
  • Weekly Sportsgamerz Mailbag– Each week we will directly answer Madden related questions submitted by our members on a show. You will have the ability to BOTH submit your questions and watch the show!
  • Complete Access to Premium Madden Forums– You will receive completed and unrestricted access to our Premium Madden Forums. This is where you can share tips, make requests, submit Mailbag questions, submit games to be analyzed and much more!
  • Exclusive eBook Previews– As a premium member, you will receive an early and exclusive sneak peek of our new eBook releases.
  • Personal Madden Coach- You can ask questions directly on to tips or on the premium forums and you will get a detailed and timely response. This gives you direct access to us at all times and really gives you the ultimate experience in improving your game.

Yearly Platinum Membership:

Madden Tips

Monthly Platinum Membership:

Madden Tips

Are you ready to take your Madden game to the highest level? Do you want to finally truly enjoy your gaming experience? Then you NEED to sign up to The Madden Vault now! Let’s face it, Madden is a game of skill where you constantly are facing players who devote 8-12 hours each day to coming up with strategies to destroy YOU. Most people simply do not have the time to devote to playing hours of Madden each day. Let our professional gamers do all the work for you so you can jump directly into games and see results instantly. You are receiving a truly hands on product for the cost of one fast food meal a month. Let’s think about that for a second.. our professional gamers will give you their expertise and hands on service for the cost of a value meal each month. LEARN FROM THE BEST TO BEAT THE BEST TODAY!

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