What changes will be made to thresholds for Madden 19? Find out in this article!

Thresholds were one, if not the most, controversial part of Madden this year. The biggest debate has centered around “91” zone. In Madden 19, 91 zone is no more. In order to get your defender to react to the ball immediately on the Quarterback’s cock back animation, similar to how 91 zone worked this year, you will need 99 zone. Another issue with the way 91 zone worked this year was that there was essentially no difference between 91 zone and 99 zone. Further, defenders with less than 91 zone basically became useless the longer the year went on. Both of these issues seem to have been addressed for Madden 19. First off, since 99 zone is for the new 91 zone you will see a huge difference between 99 and 91 zone. Also, even though you need 99 zone to get the defender to immediately react to the ball on the cock back of the Quarterback, defenders without 99 zone will still have the chance to react in the same way. The percentage chance, or likelihood, that they will indeed react in this manner is based on their zone rating so that the higher their zone rating, the more often will will react on the cock back animation. So in Madden 19, if your defender has for example a zone rating of 88, instead of being useless like he was this year, he will play MUCH better than a player that has a lower zone rating and actually have a chance to make plays on the ball. In my opinion, this is a much needed change.

With all that said, there were many other thresholds in the game this year and I’m curious to see how this news about the zone threshold will effect other thresholds. For example, 91 route running was huge this year as when your offensive player had 91 route running or higher he would run routes completely different then a player with under 91 route running. This was extremely noticeable as you could see a huge difference just looking at the screen between the same route run by a player with 91 route running or higher compared to one with less. You would get much crisper run and effective routes and you could also perform all the zone (cloud flat) glitches with 91 route running. Just like with 91 zone, there was really no difference between 91 route and running and 99 route running. This makes you wonder if EA will apply to the same logic in Madden 19 with route running that they have for zone coverage.

Quarterback throw accuracy ratings are also a key part of this discussion. This year, once your Quarterback met the rating threshold for short, medium, and/or deep throw accuracy there really was no point in having a higher rating past that because it made no noticeable difference. I have always believed that every rating SHOULD matter and you should always see some sort of performance difference between every rating instead of just having some magic number matter so much.

What do you think of thresholds in Madden 19? Were you a fan of them this year or do you like the way EA changed 91 zone for Madden 19? Let us know if the comments!

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