Madden 19 will feature new defensive formations and plays including the Big Nickel Over G!

Big Nickel Over G on paper looks very similar to a defensive formation that was removed from Madden a few years ago in the 425. The 425 was a very good formation that had the ability to send extremely effective blitzes from all over the field while both stopping the run and mixing up your coverage. It was actually one of my favorite defensive formations I have used since playing Madden so I hope that Big Nickel Over G can produce similar results in Madden 19!

Now, let’s take a look at the plays that Big Nickel G has and discuss them below!

So first off, we have Cover 3 Sky, SS LB Blitz, and Cover 1 Hole. These are overall pretty basic play designs with your standard Cover 3 shell, Cover 0 Blitz, and Cover 1 Man with a robber over the middle of the field. With that said, Cover 3 in general interests me because of the improvements EA has made to the coverage logic for Madden 19. Deep zones will actually play routes such as corners and C routes unless there is a streak to occupy the area deep. Further, you will see the various flat and hook zones play match coverage similar to how Cover 3 Mable worked this year against Trips and Bunch Formations!

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Next we have Cover 2, SS Blitz 3, and Cover 4 Quarters. Again, pretty basic plays but it is definitely worth noting that the Mid Read plays much better in Madden 19 then it did this year. To be honest, it was a virtually useless zone assignment for a LB this year which is why you always saw smart defensive players either blitzing, usering, or putting the LB in a deep blue zone instead.


Moving on, we have Cover 2 Man, Corner Blitz 3, and Cover 6. These are generally common plays found in most defensive formations, but I always have been a fan of Cover 6 because it is a combo coverage that can give a lot of players trouble with making proper reads. Cover 6 features Cover 2 on the left side of the field with Cover 4 on the right.


Cover 3 Match, LB Blitz, and Cover 6 Invert are the next plays that Big Nickel Over G features. Of these three, Cover 6 Invert immediately caught my eye because this is a new coverage/play that I have not used in the previous versions of Madden I have played.


Cover 4 Palms and Cover 6 Trap highlight this next group of plays as they are both new play designs to Madden 19. Casino Blitz is an all out man blitz that actually blitzes SEVEN defenders by default. This type of blitz will definitely bring the gas but is extremely risky to call and can get you burned for a quick touchdown.

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Lastly, we have some pretty exotic blitzes. When I start to break down the game and develop madden tips and madden eBooks, these are always plays I like to test to see if they can be useful. All three of them look to blitz the safety and WS Blitz 2 looks to feature “roll coverage.”

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