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The 52 defensive formation has quickly became one of the absolute best defenses in Madden 19! This formation has by far the best and quickest blitzes in the game. These blitzes are extremely user friendly and easy to setup, but they also are unblockable and will drive the offense nuts trying to block them!

In this guide, we will not only teach you the best blitzes in Madden 19, but we will also teach you how to run loop, block shed, and coverage defenses. On top of all this, we show you how to stop the run and perfectly disguise all of your defensive setups! We even have heat from defensive ends plus linebackers!

The best part is that all of this can be yours NOW for only $14.99!

What Does This Guide Include?

  • The Best Blitz Scheme BY FAR In Madden 19
  • Unblockable Nanos
  • Dual Nano Blitzes
  • DE Heat
  • EASY Setups (very league friendly)
  • li>Loop Defenses

  • Block Shed Defenses
  • How To Stop The Run
  • Specific Coverage Defenses
  • Recommended Audibles/Subs

What Playbook/Formations Does This Guide Cover?

  • Multiple Defensive Playbook
  • 52 Normal



Let me tell you, there are dozens of posers trying to sell you Madden tips these days and 99 percent of it is crap. Sportsgamerz and Duke have been the leaders in providing Madden strategy for over a decade now!

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Our Madden expert at Sportsgamerz is Duke. Duke has played Madden at a professional level for over a decade now. Duke has won numerous Madden tournaments including a Madden Challenge and was a finalist in the Madden 18 Classic plus the Madden 16 and  Madden 17  Championships. Duke has also won thousands of dollars playing Madden and was featured on ESPN for Madden.

HD Video With Voice Over Breakdowns!

Most sites give you a list of money plays and maybe some written breakdowns. We give you full HD video breakdowns with voice over PLUS full written breakdowns. Our products come with several hours of video to learn from. Think of it as a 1 on 1 class session!

Proven Track Record!

Most sites pop up one day and disappear the next. We have been doing this for over a decade. In fact, all of the other people giving Madden Tips have come from Duke’s site and got their start in Madden learning from Duke and Sportsgamerz!

Updated Content!

The game of Madden evolves over the course of the year. Plus, EA will often times release patches to address over powerful plays or blitzes. We update each and every product EVERYTIME EA releases a patch or we find new content!

Unmatched Support!

We have the best support system around. Most people give you a bunch of tips and tell you “good luck.” All of our products give you access to our interactive community where you ask Duke and his team any questions you may have. If you need help with ANYTHING we will get back to you the same day!

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One of the biggest advantages of being a Sportsgamerz Member is you will always be the first to know of any money play, blitz, or effective Madden tactic. Duke and his team play the best competition every year so anytime there is something hot in the game, you will know it FIRST! Other sites are always weeks if not months behind us in providing you with the latest trends in the Madden community!


I trust you have been convinced by now that this is a MUST BUY. But that’s not all! You know I LOVE bonuses. Additionally, we will throw in professional defensive play call sheets and Duke’s recommended subs for each defense to build the perfect defensive team! That is a $12.99 value, yours absolutely FREE when you make your purchase now!

All of this can be yours for only $24.99 $12.99 right now! Don’t wait! Order the Madden 19 52 Defensive Guide now and dominate the Madden 19 season!

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