In this Madden 25 Tip, Duke breaks down a deadly offensive money play for Next Gen gamers!

Play: Gun Trey Open- Clear out

Playbooks: Many with Gun Trey Open (Sportsgamerz prefers ATL)


  1. Slant the right slot WR
  2. Wheel route/block the RB


  1. Wheel Route (if you do not block the RB
  2. Slant/Seam Routes
  3. C Route
  4. In Route


Final Thoughts:

This is one of my favorite plays for Madden 25 on the next gen Xbox 1 and PS4 consoles, and it is also very effective on the PS3 and XBox 360. I like this play a lot because it has several good routes to attack both man and zone coverage. You generally want to put the RB on a wheel route to work with the outside left WR running the “C” route. The “C” route is going to beat man coverage pretty much every time, but against zone, you want the RB attacking the flats so that if the defense plays a cover 4 (where nobody is playing the flats and instead dropping back deeper under neath the “C” route) you have an outlet to get you at least 6-8 yards. At this point, you want are just a truck stick or stiff arm away from a big gain and possibly even a touch down. On the trips side of the field, you want to read the seam streak and motioned slant route first. Against zone coverage, this is a simple yet effective high/low read. Generally, user defenders like to guard the middle of the field you just want to watch which player they guard and then hit the other player. Against man coverage, the motioned slant will beat his defender every time, while the seam streak is mainly used if the defense does not have anyone over the top in the deep middle of the field, but if it beats the press quickly you can hit it with a quick bullet pass. Finally, the in route on this play is unique because it has a nice little shake to it before it cuts back over the middle of the field which helps it get good separation against man coverage. It also is a good option against zone coverage as it is coming behind the motioned slant route over the middle of the field. This route should always be your last read in your progression.

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