There has been a TON of information on Madden 25 flowing in from E3 this week and Sportsgamerz is here to keep you updated!

First off, there have been several new offensive hot routes added to Madden 25. You can now hot route your running back to perform fade and option routes. Tight ends and slot receivers now have flat routes and two yard hit routes. Finally, the outside receivers now have smoke screens and come back routes. The addition of these new hot routes should really spice up the offensive schemes we see in Madden 25 so I am very excited to work with them and see what I can cook up. Defensively, things only get harder as the offense now has more hot routes to work with.

The defense also will see some improvements. One of the best things I heard from EA is that purple zones will play the curl and not the flat in Madden 25. This means that your purple zone WILL NOT bite up on under neath routes like they did this year. This is huge news for defense in Madden 25! Also the man align is much improved as the defenders will line up directly over the receivers. There were several formations that gave man align problems this year so I am very happy to hear this has been fixed. Inside pass lead has been toned down a lot according to several sources at EA. In Madden 25, you can look forward to your defenders actually fighting for inside position instead of letting the WR have a free path to the ball. Ball hawk was a highly debated feature this year as some people loved it while others hated it. In Madden 25, you will have to time the ball hawk. In other words, you will no longer be able to run around the entire play holding down the catch button to get ball hawk animations on defense.

Finally, a lot of people have been wondering if your defenders still re-set when you move them on defense. It has been confirmed that if you try and move your linebackers in the box, they still win re-set in Madden 25. Also, you can still swerve spies with your Quarterback. I personally don’t like that is so easy to swerve spies, but considering all the other defensive improvements, I cannot complain.

If your planning on using the popular Madden 13 nano blitzes in Madden 25, you better get a new plan. Several of the Madden 13 blitzes, such as the 43 Over Plus A Gap, DO NOT work the same in Madden 25. Everyone will have to hit the lab on release night to come up with some great Madden 25 Tips and Hints!

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