Week 4 for The Madden Vault is here and this week we break down some the best tips released this entire year that nobody else knows about! We start the week off with a fire offensive scheme from one of the running formations in all of Madden 16. We break down four tips in this one scheme alone! Guys, we have already released more than double and even triple the content of the other sites this year!

Next, break down a deep bomb glitch that destroys both cover 2 and cover 4. This play will result in a one play touchdown against these defenses. We already showed how to kill cover 3 deep, now we show how to kill cover 2 and 4! We did it again! Yessir , Sportsgamerzzz!

Finally, we break down a killer 2 Man DE B Gap blitz from Quarter Normal. Yes you heard it right, you only have blitz two players on this DE B Gap blitz and best of all, a blocked RB does not stop it. Plus you cannot even slide protect it. Wow!! I must say we outdid ourselves with this one.

  1. SB Jumbo Pair Scheme (4 Tips in this one alone!!)
  2. Cover 2/4 Glitch
  3. 2 Man DE B Gap Blitz

Guys, that is six tips that you got this week alone. That is more than some sites release in 2 weeks!

Be sure to check out the tips this week and we will all of you next time for another week of hot fire tips!

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Duke is one of the best Madden players of all time. Duke has been playing Madden competitively since Madden 04 and in this time period has dominated the tournament, league, and online scene. Most notably, Duke is a Madden 16 and Madden 17 Championship finalist, Madden 17 DC and Salary Cap finalist and has many major tournament wins (Madden 17 Gamersaloon CVC Pro League, Madden Challenge, and MWS/BCA Regional) to his name as well as numerous Final 4 appearances. Duke also loves NCAA Football as college football is his favorite sport to follow in real life. Duke has been playing NCAA Football since before he even picked up Madden and is excited to share his NCAA knowledge this year!


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