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The Madden 16 Offensive Explosion Guide covers the Arizona Cardinals playbook and breaks down several extremely innovative tactics that change the offensive landscape of Madden 16! This guide will teach you several game changing tactics including several powerful unbumpable routes, deadly quick passes, deep bomb glitches, how to rocket catch, one play touchdowns, and more!

We break down over 50 plays, 10 formations, and three offensive schemes that will allow you to light up the scoreboard with ease! This is not a dink and dunk offense, this is a highly explosive offense that will allow you to both pass and run the ball at a highly efficient and explosive rate! This offense will have you getting huge passing and running plays left and right!

What Does This Guide Include?

  • 11 Formation Breakdowns, Over 50 plays, and Three Scheme Breakdowns- Impossible to defend Pass AND Run Game!
  • Deep Bomb Glitch
  • Unbumpable Routes
  • Unstoppable Quick Passes
  • How To Use The RB In The Passing Game
  • How To Rocket Catch
  • Breakdowns with Text and HD Video w/ Voice overs 
  • Updated Content- We will add updates to this guide as the year goes on!
  • Interactive Community- Share tips with other gamers across the country and ask the SG Staff questions!
  • Suggested Audibles and Depth Chart Changes- Get the most from this scheme instantly!
  • Gameplay Analysis- Watch Duke run this scheme in online games and provide commentary!
  • Win Games NOW- Works with ANY Team (No mobile QB required)!
What play book and formations does this guide cover?
  • Full ARI Playbook Breakdown
  • Gub Trips HB WK
  • Gun Bunch STR
  • Gun Y Trips WK
  • Gun Split Close
  • Gun Ace Twins Offset
  • SB Pair Tight Twins
  • SB Ace Pair
  • Pistol Twin TE Flex
  • I Form Pro
  • I Form Pro Twins
  • Strong Pro Twins

This guide contains full HD video breakdowns with voice over. Many people claim to have HD quality, but you have not seen true HD until you see our new videos.. PERIOD! This has changed the way guides are done! Fast forward, pause, rewind, or go full screen as our videos are like a true HD DVD experience. Now you can watch exactly what we are doing, while we explain it it you at the same time! Think of it as a one on one class session. You also get a text breakdown for each play if you want to quickly pick up the setup!

But don’t just take our word for it, below is some customer feedback:


“This ebook is off the chain. I got it earlier tonight and already made $100 off saloon. In the first half of my last game, I had 300 yards passing and hit three lobs over the top using the method shown in the ebook. The kid I was playing quit and said I was cheating. This ebook makes offense super easy, it almost feels unfair using it.”


“Just thought I’d post this here for everyone to see. If you’re thinking about getting this guide, DO IT! As a guy who has(unfortunately) bought multiple ebooks from all the other sites the past few years, I can confidently say that Duke puts out BY FAR the best content each and every time. No other site comes close to providing the level of quality, customer service, and frequent (yet substantial) updates that either add new content or explain existing content for those who are having issues. With Duke you always know you’re getting your money’s worth with just the base guide, and his frequent updates are just the cherry on top!”

Check out a free HD Video Sample from the guide below!

But that’s not all! You know I LOVE bonuses. If you order now, you will receive a bonus pass protection breakdown and offensive play call sheets! That is a $9.99 value, yours absolutely FREE when you make your purchase now!

All of this can be yours for only $29.99 $14.99 right now! Don’t wait! Act now and enjoy the Madden 16 season!

About the author


Duke is one of the best Madden players of all time. Duke has been playing Madden competitively since Madden 04 and in this time period has dominated the tournament, league, and online scene. Most notably, Duke is a Madden 16 and Madden 17 Championship finalist, Madden 17 DC and Salary Cap finalist and has many major tournament wins (Madden 17 Gamersaloon CVC Pro League, Madden Challenge, and MWS/BCA Regional) to his name as well as numerous Final 4 appearances. Duke also loves NCAA Football as college football is his favorite sport to follow in real life. Duke has been playing NCAA Football since before he even picked up Madden and is excited to share his NCAA knowledge this year!


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