In this Madden 13 Tip, Duke breaks down two money plays from Ace Close!

Ace Close Money Plays

The Houston PB was one of the top 2 or 3 play books in Madden 12, but it has been over looked so far this year. It still has some fire and this week we are going to show you a money passing and running play from the Ace Close formation. Both of these plays require minimal to no adjustments so they are great plays to quick hike with!

Playbook: HOU

Key Plays:

  • Texan Drag
  • Zone Weak

Texan Drag:

  1. Streak the right TE


Zone Weak:

  1. Hike the ball

*Optional* Motion one of the outside WR’s to the opposite side to create extra blocking


Final Thoughts:

These two plays both use the quick hike concept because we do not have to make any adjustments. On the Texan Drag, we just streak the right TE. On the Zone Weak, we can just hike the ball as the motion is optional. This prevents the defense from being able to make a lot of adjustments. The Texan Drag is nasty because of how nice the crossing routes and corner route are. The Zone Weak gets great blocking to either side and you can run it inside or outside! I love this formation because when you flip the plays, none of your offensive players move. This prevents the defense from even knowing you flipped the play, so you basically now have two setups to all of your plays from this formation since you can run the same setup to both sides of the field!

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