In this Madden 13 Tip, Duke breaks down one of the most used offensive plays from the Las Vegas Madden tournament!

Play: Gun Empty Eagle- DBL Slot Cross

Playbook: PHI


  1. Whip route/drag the TE’s
  2. Streak the right slot WR
  3. Fade the outside right WR and motion him to the left
  4. Snap the ball about 1 step before the motioned WR sets



  1. Whips/drags
  2. Motioned Fade
  3. Streak
  4. Outside Left WR


Final Thoughts:

The Philly PB was also used quite a bit at the Las Vegas Madden Tournament and Problem won the whole thing using it. This is one of the best plays in the PB and it was used by several players in their scheme. If you run Philly PB, this is definitely a play you want to check out!

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