Stick Skills 101

Looking to improve your Stick Skill? Then this is the guide for you!

Hey Madden Gamer,

Do you know what stick skills are? Stick skills are the ability to make all of the plays and control all aspects of the game manually instead of relying on the computer to do or make them for you. Stick skills are a HUGE part of Madden and often determine who wins or loses the game. Duke has had some of the best stick skills in the world for several years now and is here to share his secrets, down to the very last detail, on how to make your stick skills elite! Year in and year out, NOBODY makes more user picks or user catches than Duke. Anyone who plays Duke leaves in awe of his user skills. After several months of work, Duke is finally ready to release his top secret methods to his stick skill to the public! Best of all this guide is only $19.99!

What does this guide include?

  • Detailed User Catch Breakdown (Face Throws, Rocket Catch, Pass Leads, Player/ Field Positioning,etc)
  • Become A “Playmaker” (Learn how to make big plays on the fly)
  • Put the “Special” in Special Teams (Make long field goals, kick coverage, and kick returns)
  • Preventing Broken Tackles
  • Taking Advantage of the “Defensive Assist”
  • “Baiting” the QB
  • Triggering Deadly User Pick Animations
  • Swat vs. User Pick
  • And More!

These are PROVEN methods that work year in and year out! This guide will be helpful for all versions of Madden past, present, and future!

To make sure the material covered in this guide will be helpful forever, I will update this guide with any new stick skill tactics, and tweak any specific tactics if they change year to year.

Plus, I will personally answer any questions you may have. You can post questions directly to each video included in this guide!

How Much Can I Improve My Stick Skill?

Anyone can improve tremendously improve their stick skill. When I (Duke) started playing Madden about 10 years ago, I could not user catch my way out of a paper bag or make ANY 1v1 plays defensively. It was EXTREMELY frustrating to consistently lose these 1v1 battles, whether I was missing catches or tackles, because  it was putting me at a disadvantage  to players with sub par strategy. With effort and dedication I was able to work and MAKE my stick skills better than 99.9 percent of the people who play Madden. I can honestly say there are only a handful of people who possess the stick skill that I do. Back in these days, NOBODY was willing to help another player improve their stick skills so I had to rely on trial and error to get better. You are in luck because I am giving you my proven secrets to improve your stick skill! Not only do I share my methods, but I also tell you how to practice and continue improving your stick skills once you learn the techniques.

This guide contains full HD video breakdowns with voice over. Many people claim to have HD quality, but you have not seen true HD until you see our new videos.. PERIOD! This has changed the way guides are done! Fast forward, pause, rewind, or go full screen as our videos are like a true HD DVD experience. Now you can watch exactly what we are doing, while we explain it it you at the same time! Think of it as a one on one class session. You also get a text breakdown for each play if you want to quickly pick up the setup!

Don’t just take our word for it, check out some customer reviews below!


I consider myself a pretty good Madden player, but I have always had so much difficulty learning how to user catch. No matter what video or tutorial I watched, I just could not figure it out. I now realize that I was missing many keys to the user catch. This product has improved my user catch abilities greatly in just a few nights. I have not even gotten a chance to look over the other sections yet, but I can honestly say this guide is worth the money for the user catch section alone. Great job Duke!


I am a new player as I just started playing Madden this year. I really had no idea how much stick skill plays a part in becoming a better player. The breakdowns in this guide are brilliant and very easy to follow even for a newbie like me. Some of this stuff that I have previously overlooked because it seemed so simple,  yet it really makes a huge difference. My defense is now improving a ton because I feel comfortable making plays in the open field.

Other people will charge you between 25-35 bucks for this amount of material. We are practically giving it away at only $19.99!

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