In this Madden 13 Tip, Duke breaks down a new formation he likes out of the NE PB!

Playbook: NE

Key Plays:

  • Gun Trips TE- Deep Fork
  • Gun Trips TE- PA Pats Swing
Deep Fork:
  1. Fade the TE
  2. Wheel route the RB
  1. TE Fade Route
  2. RB Wheel Route
  3. Corner Route
  4. Stick Route
  5. Deep Post Route
PA Pats Swing:
  1. Wheel route the RB
  2. Slant in the TE and inside left WR
  3. Streak the left slot WR
  4. Fade the outside left WR
  1. RB Wheel Route
  2. Slant Ins
  3. Fade/Streak Combo
Final Thoughts:
I really like using this formation with the Tight Slots because it gives the defense a totally different look. It is very good against blitzing defenses because it spreads out the defense and you have three WR’s to the left. You can easily read what area of the field you should attack pre-snap by watching if the defense uses base align or not. If they base align, you have a numbers advantage on the left, but if they don’t you have it on the right.
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  1. realnickel 19. Nov, 2012 at 2:39 pm #

    duke can you put some plays from this book up that kills fag d

  2. realnickel 21. Nov, 2012 at 9:30 pm #

    and how did you setup that cov 2 zone blitz defense in this video lol

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