In this Madden 13 Tip, Duke shows how to use spacing on offense!

Play 1: Gun Ace- Curl Flats

Playbooks: DET and NE


  1. Block the RB
  2. Slide protect left
  3. Fade the outside left WR
  4. Streak the right TE
  5. Drag the outside right WR




Play 2: Gun Ace Tight Slots/Snugs Flipped- Corner N Gos

Playbooks: DAL/DET/NE


  1. Smart route the outside left WR
  2. Slide protect left
  3. Block the RB
  4. Streak the outside right WR
  5. Fade the the right slot WR
  6. Motion the right slot WR to the right
  7. Motion the right slot WR back left and snap the ball right as he reaches the right outside WR




Final Thoughts:

The other nice thing about both of these plays is that you can run the setup to either side. For example, on the Curl Flats, you could fade the outside right WR, drag the outside left WR, and streak the left TE. This makes it so the defense does not know which side of the field each specific route will be on.


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