In this Madden 13 Tip, we break down one of the best quick hikers in the game!

Play: Gun Doubles WK- Dolphins Wheel

Playbook: MIA


1. Put the outside right WR on a fade route

*Optional* Drag the  slot WR (best against zone)


  1. Flats (TE Wheel and RB Wheel)
  2. Slot Drag (Man or Zone)
  3. WR Fade
  4. Outside Left WR (Unbumpable against man)
The Wheel routes are your first reads in case they blitz and leave the flats open, but you also can complete these passes against man coverage once they cut up field by throwing a bullet pass lead to the inside.
The outside left WR is unbumpable and will get inside position against man coverage. This route is also deadly against zone because it works well with the drag route. The defense will have to make a decision on which route to guard.
Final Thoughts:
The Miami playbook has some awesome plays from the Gun Doubles look. They actually have three Gun Doubles formations, including the one with the TE in the back field from GB playbook. You can scheme amazingly well with these three formations. This is a great base play because you can quick hike it and all five players are legitimate threats against man and zone!

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