In this Madden 13 Tip, Duke breaks down how to scheme from the CAR PB Trips TE formation!

Playbook: CAR

Key Plays:

  • Gun Trips TE- QB Power
  • Gun Trips TE- Read Option
  • Gun Trips TE- Curl Flat
  • Gun Trips TE- PA Boot Over
QB Power:
Setup 1:
  1. Hike the ball
Setup 2:
  1. Motion the RB to the left
  2. Playmaker the run to the left
Read Option:
  1. Hike the ball
Curl Flat:
  1. Wheel route the RB
  2. Streak the inside left WR
  3. Drag the left slot WR
  4. Fade the outside left WR
  1. RB Wheel Route
  2. TE Corner Route
  3. WR Drag Route
  4. WR Streak/Fade Combo
PA Boot Over:
  1. Streak/Wheel route the RB
  2. Slant in the TE
  3. Fade the outside left WR
  1. RB Streak/Wheel Route
  2. TE Slant Route
  3. WR Crossing Routes
  4. WR Fade Route
Final Thoughts:
Refer back to the NE Trips TE breakdown from a few weeks back. We showed our reading base align was very important to knowing how to attack the defense. This read lets us know where our numbers advantage is, plus if the defense does base align, we know if they are playing man or zone. When the outside left DB is inside the outside left WR, it is zone, but when he is directly over the WR, it is man. This knowledge allows us to make some great play calls based on what the defense is in, plus it gives us a good idea on where to attack on the passing plays. The CAR PB is unique in that it gives us a great rushing attack to go a long with the killer passing plays!

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