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Thread: SG Spotlite F/EnemyAgent!

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    SG Spotlite F/EnemyAgent!

    ............"Good Evening folks, this is your host with the most Trevor Steele, bringing you the last part of our epic season long series SportsGamerz Spotlite. Today we feature up and comer EnemyAgent. Agent currently resides in Ocean Springs Mississippi as an Air Transportation Specialist for the United States Air Force, basically Ups for the Air force. Agent has acted in this capacity for 10 years now. Between his 9-5 and family Agent has managed to carve a nice lil nitche for himself in the Madden community, most notably taking on Duke himself in a well publicized recent issue of Coach's Corner. Agent was kind enough to sit down with us and share his thoughts on wife, life and Madden( Shout out to Bum for the catchphrase he has made

    Trevor: So Agent, by now, you know how we do. This is usually the part of the interview where we find out who you are, and how you got your start, so with that being said, how did EnemyAgent and Madden come to be? What would you percieve to be your strengths and weaknesses and major accomplishments of the year?

    Agent: I've been exposed to Madden since I was a little boy, but I didn't start to think of it as a truly competitive game until Madden 11. I've always enjoyed the game but had no idea how much user skill was involved; I would just pick random plays and hope for the best. I remember playing Madden 09 with a buddy in Korea and he would put Champ Bailey in as the Slot WR and just toast my man coverage for a long bomb any time he wanted. I didn't understand zone concepts and all that stuff back then and he was clearly a closet Madden player looking back on it. Last year was a true rookie season for me, I learned how to user pick and some other basic concepts. I also focused in on how each zone worked and the coverages (buzz zone, curl flat, etc.) I wasn't a part of any online sites like SportsGamerz though so my ceiling was low. I bought a Raiders D book from Madden Students, but didn't have the stick to make it work consistently. This year I've taken it to a whole new level and constantly study the game. I'm currently as of today a 911 Skill level. I've been trying really hard to break the 1000 point threshold but I'll get up around 960 and lose a game to a 700 level player and drop 20 points a Kinda sucks but I guess my consistency is my biggest weakness. I would say just about every aspect of my game was my biggest accomplishment this year, and being in my first 2 tournaments... having multiple wins within each tournament was nice.

    Trevor: So now that we've heard about the humble beginnings and know how you got your start, what are the tools you actually use to get it done? In terms of online team of your preference, playbooks on O and D and fave money play on O and fave blitz to dial up when you need a defensive stand?

    Agent: My favorite team has always been the Cleveland Browns. I bleed Brown! I moonlight with them on Madden sometimes which usually results in my opponent using a weaker team as well which is kinda nice because the Browns are actually a good solid team (especially the secondary) if you know what you are doing. My favorite online team however has to be the Houston Texans. I can set their Defense up so nicely and them being a hybrid 3-4 team fits my scheme perfectly. On the offensive side of the ball you obviously have one of the best WR and Rbs in the game alongside a great O-line for pounding the rock. My secret with them is putting Owen Daniels as my number 1 wide out and placing James Casey (the backup FB) at TE. He is an 85 overall at TE with high 80's in speed and catching. So in some sets I have Daniels, Casey, Dressen, and Vickers all as blockers for my Run game; It's really nice. I like putting my best WR (Johnson) in at the 2 spot because most of the plays I run have that left side of the field isolated. As far as playbooks are concerned, I would have to go with Houston (O) and Baltimore (D). Honestly though I run Customs at the moment. I feel I do this because I'm like a sponge right now and want to learn everything. Using Customs allows me to lab just about everything. I know this has some major downside, but at the moment I think its for the better. If they don't fix the issues with customs next year I'm def going to start going with team books and stay with them the whole season.
    I would say my go to money play would be anything out of bunch whether gun or under center. I would pick Falcon Angle 9 times outta ten though, or Texans curl if the guy was puttin extreme heat on me.
    My favorite blitz has to be Quarters DB Strike 1 or any of the 3-4 Odd scheme blitzes Duke put up. That A Gap screams with Mario.

    Trevor: Is there any facet of the game that you've faced that you've had extreme difficulty against so far this season and what adjustments have you made to get over the proverbial hump?

    Agent: I would say face throws scare the hell out of me. Probably because I know how many people I have wrecked with them. I try to counter it with cover 4 backing up coverage and usering the slot WR. I also have issues with the west coast offense style, which I've adopted myself to get a better understanding of how to defend it. I would say its the best overall scheme in the game

    Trevor: Speaking of best overall schemes in the game and having the hell scared out of you. You were recently featured on one of the latest installments of the Coach's Corner against the resident Pro of our site Duke. How did that game come to be, what did you learn from it and what if anything would you have done differently?

    Agent: The game with Duke was actually really funny. I was in the middle of creating a new custom playbook and Warren sent me a message for a game and I politely declined due to building my new scheme (Still needing to get that game in). Then all of a sudden I get a message saying DHALL21 wants to play Madden and I about **** my pants. I yelled over to my wife and was like 'what should I do??!!' she said “screw it, go for it” and I asked him to wait a second so I could finish putting my book together. Of course I rushed and didn't add a lot of plays I needed, and was pretty much caught with my pants down. There was no way I was going to let the opportunity pass me by though, so It was more than worth it. I really look up to Dukes game and he was my first 'coach' so it was really a highlight of my Madden Season. I was so pumped during that game when I got the user pick and thought I had a fighting chance. I made a mistake by throwing a stupid pass and basically my nerves took hold
    and I fell apart. I think I overplayed my emotions since I was playing a Pro. I learned that day that Madden is 60 percent mental 40 Percent Skill. I can't say I would've done anything different at the time except maybe blitz more. I didn't want to send a lot of blitzes because at that time they were all created by Duke and I didn't want to insult his intelligence lol. Since that Game I've become involved with a lot of other sites just to balance my game more for when I come in to situations where I'm playing a member of my SportsGamerz family.
    I learned to stay calm and keep playing to get better! Also, The whole dang video was a personalized learning tool. Since that Game I've went up 2 skill levels!

    Trevor: Is there anyone E-Book you have purchased this year that stands out head and shoulders above the others as the main reason for your rise up the madden ranks this year? and what missing link from your game needs the most tweaking to take your game to that famed next level?

    Agent: I can't really say there is a most valuable. I've taken something from every book I've purchased and applied it in some way or fashion.
    Consistency and my reads when throwing the ball. I tend to get tunnel vision and don't scan the field fast enough for the open guy. I've thrown A LOT of dumb picks this year, but I get better every week. I feel like I'm a real rookie QB.

    Trevor: Agent, I appreciate the valuable insight and the time well spent here today, but it's time to pay the bills, in closing you have accomplished a lot this year, how have you been able to balance wife,life and make the strides you've made in Madden this year?

    Agent: Juggling Madden with Military life isn't so hard these days since my job is super laid back down here at Keesler. I'm pretty much my own boss and make my own hours these days. Say I have a Madden event to get ready for, I will take a bit of leave and prepare and it doesn't affect my operation. I've played a ton of hours and let other things take the backseat this year but now I'm at a point to where if I put in about 1-2 hours a day during weekdays and anywhere from 4-6 on a weekend then I'm constantly improving. The hardest thing to Juggle is my personal fitness ( I love crossfiting and weight lifting) and most importantly my family time. My wife and I had disagreements about 'time management' in the beginning, but she now understands my dreams of being 'pro' and has seen my improvements first hand, so things have cooled off 100 percent. My family and fitness are the most important things in my life, with Madden a very close second, and I can't wait to see how far I can
    go with it! Major shout out to all my SG Family especially StormBringer! I see you puttin in work buddy. He is going to be a force . Take care... enemy out!

    " With that said, the lights dim on the set of SportsGamerz Spotlite as Trevor and EnemyAgent talk strategy while the credits roll. Trevor would like to thank all of you on the SportsGamerz site for making the show a success this year. Trevor has enjoyed the segment and getting to know most of the primetime players behind the sticks on the site" Until next season Good nIte Now!!!!!****************************************** *****

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    Another excellent interview by Tyriffic! EnemyAgent is a very good madden player that has beat the heck out of me 2x, but it was a learning process for me as well. EnemyAgent is a fierce competitior and an asset to the SG community. I'm proud to call him a friend!. Keep up the hard work EA, you will get to that 1000+ threshold!

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    Thanks Storm, I wanted to profile you and NZMadden king as the last two before it was over, but interest on the site has died down, so I owe you a raincheck, Thanks for the kind words as well buddy.

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